About us

Passionate team dedicated to serving authentic Italian cuisine with excellence.

About us

Our award winning restaurant at the Old port is the most significant option of the culinary mop in Chania. We offer exceptional meals and one of the most beautiful places in the town! In a comfortable space reminding of a yard of an Italian mafia house, with a "Godfather's" atmosphere with a mesmerizing view of the Old Port.

Our restaurant serve a demanding menu, signed by the talented chef Ciro Cerbo from Naples, having a remarkable professional experience in kitchens on Athens and Mykonos.

Our menu is Mediterranean and based on the fine Italian cuisine, the fresh ingredients of the season takes us to Naples and the villages of Tuscany. Our menu is perfectly combined with the wine list of the Italian, French, Cretan and Greek vineyards.

Recognized Excellence and Awards

Accolades that Speak: Our restaurant has earned prestigious awards for exceptional culinary innovation and unparalleled dining experiences.

Focusing On The Fresh Taste Of High Quality Mediterranean Ingredients

Experience the art of Mediterranean cuisine with its healthy, flavorful dishes, featuring olive oil, herbs, grains, seafood, and aromatic spices.